Buying a sophisticated camera is not enough if you want to be a professional shutterbug. Apart from focusing on advanced hardware specs, you must also equip yourself with the basic knowledge. But don’t think that you need to enroll in a professional photography class just to learn the essentials. Just reading this article is more than enough.

So, before you go to your very first photoshoot, understand these three tricks first.

For fast-moving events such as a wedding, birthday, and other special occasions, the photographer must employ the Aperture Priority Mode. This mode autofocuses the subject while intuitively blurring the background.

APM is essential in controlling the depth of field. This jargon pertains to the intensity of focus that the photographer wants to inflect to his subject. Now, if you are covering scenes with quick transitions, make sure you activated the APM to keep the depth of field on point.

Single and Group Photo Tweak.
Not all the time that you’ll document a single individual; thus, you must practice taking groupies as well.

If your subject is just one person, your task is easier. You just have to set the lens in a ‘wide open’ mode. To keep the subject highlighted, the widest aperture must also be configured.

On the other hand, the technique that you’ll use in taking group photos is the complete opposite of the single-subject shot. Instead of setting the lens wide open, set the aperture to at least f/4.0 in taking groupies.

Lens Matter.
For you to take high-definition pictures, you must use a camera with a longer lens. The longer lens means that you can capture the long-range subject without distorting the background.

These are the basics that you must learn if you want to carve a career in photography. You must always pay attention to these basic techniques since these will help you become a professional photographer soon.