We all know that buying gear for a camera can be quite expensive. But the good thing is that there are a lot of ways on how to save money if you are planning on purchasing one. Make sure to know these money-saving tips before you grab your next gear.

1.    Look for promos and deals

This is probably the most obvious tip that everyone already does nowadays. Be subscribed on the latest promotions and discount deals, especially at online stores. You can also try following photography blogs and websites. Buying gear during holidays such as Black Friday, Cyber Monday and Amazon Prime Day will also give you the best deals.

2.    Purchase pre-loved or refurbished gear

Cameras, lenses and other kinds of photography gear are also made to last. The rule of thumb is, the more care you do, the longer they can hold their value. This makes selling much easier. If you are trying to snag for new gear, you might want to check out online marketplaces. There’s a lot of used camera gear ads online on Facebook and Craigslist. However, always remember that asking for a refund or returning it might not be possible.

3.    Don’t hesitate to buy from third-party gear manufacturers

This tip would mostly be helpful if you are looking for new lenses and accessories. Buying gear from third-party manufacturers might be intimidating for some. But in fairness to them, they have been improving the quality of their products to up their game. Some can even level with the most trusted camera gear brands. The good thing about third-party brands is that they’re a bit cheaper than those from the recognized brands. But they still deliver the same results. 

4. Use your bank rewards

If you are a frequent online shopper, you might as well consider getting a credit or debit cards with a great rewards program. There’s cards that gives you rewards points every time you shop. Then you can use these points to buy the camera gear you want. There’s also another kind of card that gives you discounts or rebates every time you buy.