Scrappingbooking is fun. However, did you know that you could do photo frames digitally? Learning how to use digital photo frames is a fun experience. In this article, we will teach you how to learn to use a digital photo frame.

Why Should I Use Digital Photo Frames?

Digital photos allow for a creative way to share your photos with guests. One of the best parts about digital photo frames is that you don’t have to get rid of the original printed photos.

Steps on How to Use Digital Photo Frame

Step #1: Resize Photos

If the software for your digital photo framing has this option, have the software automatically resize the photos. You’ll get the best resolution that way.

Step #2: Loading Photos

Most digital photo frames have various methods for loading photos. If you have a large number of photos your best bet is to use a USB drive. Using a USB drive to your PC holds more photos than the internal memory of the digital photo frame.

Step #3: Adding Audio Files

You can add audio files to digital photo frames. Add an audio file to the digital show. Use the same method on uploading photos to upload your favorite songs to the photos.

Step #4: Battery Option

For some digital photo frames, you are given the option for battery power. Battery options are expensive. If you would like to take your digital photo frames on the go having the battery option is a handy tool.

Step #5: How to Clean

You bet that you are going to want to have the frame cleaned. Because everyone has been touching it, unsightly smudges are left behind. Put a tiny amount of water on the smudge and dry it with a damp cloth.