Rainy days presents the perfect opportunity to take unique and artistic images. The air is misty and gloomy, that you could definitely make use of the natural dark blueish hue that the rain gives. In order for you to get the best out of this season, here are different images that you can capture when the first raindrop starts to fall.

Rain and Reflection

It’s the perfect opportunity to take photos of reflections apart from those on lakes and ponds. Water on the streets can create a great reflection that can lighten up the environment. A little texture can spice up your canvas, making it unique and more abstract.

A Burst of Color

After the rain, the glossy appearance of every object adds to the beauty of its appearance on photos. Taking advantage of brightly colored objects in a dark shot is a great technique to brighten up images. Flowers or fallen leaves may give contrast to the dull and gray background.

Splashing Water

This can be found anywhere when it rains. To capture the splash, always use a quick shutter speed if you’re up for freezing raindrops in action. Slow speed, however, may also be useful to blur the movement. Just try to do experiments and find which suits your photography style.


No photography during the rainy season will occur without photos of mists. Since fog and mists are rarely seen in the cities, they are naturally a spectacle for the modern people. In addition, they can also be a great backdrop for any subject as they create a mysterious mood for images, which may be best in the morning or late afternoon.

In a nutshell, a rainy weather does not mean that you need to stay at home. Instead, make use of this opportunity to take great photos to add to your collection.