High Dynamic Range (HDR) imaging is a technique that enables the camera to capture difficult subjects in all its glorious detail. According to professional photographers, the best time to apply HDR is when you want to take a candid sunset shot. 

Why HDR is Perfect for the Sunset 

One of the most challenging subjects for photographers is the sunset. This is because you need to balance the broad color spectrum of the sun to get a good shot.  

What will happen if you don’t use the HDR technique? Well, you might end up holding a picture that’s ‘too bright’ or ‘too dark.’

How to Take a Sunset Photo Like a Pro

You don’t need to hire a professional photographer to come up with a good photo. As long as you’ve got the passion and a decent camera, you can get this done by yourself. But if you are a novice, you’ll surely need a guide. The following tips will help you.

  1. Bracket. The first thing that you must do is to bracket the image. Check the exposure scale and make sure that the darkest register has a gap on the right side of the histogram. 
  2. Raw File. If you want to employ HDR, you need to use raw files. Spare yourself from pre-edited photos since it will not develop your creative juices.
  3. Adjust the ISO. Since HDR involves complicated noise manipulation to images, you must take photos with lower ISO. 
  4. Remote Trigger. If you want to have highly-defined images, you need to use a remote camera trigger. Using this intuitive device will ensure that your camera maintains a fixed position in every shot. 
  5. Mind the Speed. One of the biggest mistakes of budding photographers is that they tend to configure the camera’s aperture. Doing such will not help you in getting good photos. Instead of compromising the aperture, you can do some manipulations on the shutter speed.