As a photographer, you must know how difficult it is to make people smile. This is especially true when they’re nervous or too conscious about how they look. The good thing is that there’s a lot of techniques that you can do to bring out their beautiful glee. Here are just some of these very helpful tips. 

1.Have someone encourage them to smile

We used to do this to bring a baby or a small child to smile in front of the camera. But this trick can be also used to grownups. Bring a friend that has a very contagious smile. Or someone that cracks the most laughable jokes. 

2.Be silly

Instructing someone to do a pose can make someone pressured and daunted. What you can do is to let them relax and do what they want. They can be as silly and childish as they can be. And those genuine smiles will just magically appear.

3.Bring someone or something that they love

We all know that we genuinely smile when we see something or someone that we love. Our smiles reach our ears when we see our crush or partner, or when we see cute stuff. Let the model bring something or someone they love during your shoot.

4.Pick a shooting location that brings joy

When we get to see or visit a very nice place, we usually become joyed and smile a lot. Do your photo shoot to somewhere fascinating and beautiful. Not only it will give you a smile on your model’s face but also a very nice backdrop and theme. 

Photos that feature great smiling faces are very powerful. These simple photos can bring joy and energy to someone that sees them. That is why it is very important to have grins in every photo that you capture.