Behind-the-scenes (BTS) photography is far from your ordinary shooting job. Once you take a gig like this, you are not allowed to do other things aside from reaching on time and shoot…shoot…shoot.

Now, if taking photos is wired in your system, BTS photography is a welcome challenge for you. Just make sure that you are ready in getting your hands dirty in taking photos even without bylines.

For you to become a BTS superstar, follow these tips.

  1. Ready to Face Everyone. BTS photography is more of taking photos to people you barely know. This could be a star-studded photo shoot, commercial production, or any publicity stunts. Keep in mind that you must be willing to face all sort of folks if you want to master this craft.
  2. Well-rounded. Once you accept BTS jobs, be ready to double up your services. There will be rare times that the client will ask you to do auxiliary tasks, such as putting the backdrop in place and moving the furniture to achieve the perfect setting. You just have to be ready for these demands.
  3. Follow the Instructions. BTS photographers must isolate their preferences in finishing a task. You need to come up with a photo that will suffice the demands of the clients. If you need to forget some of the basic rules in photography, then do it. Anyway, BTS is a paid task.
  4. Be Receptive. When you are called to be part of a big team, you must exploit it. You can ask for some ideas if in case a setting or subject is new to you. If you are not comfortable with the setup, you can also share your sentiments. However, you need to do these politely. Don’t forget that you are supposed to work behind the scenes.

Apply these four suggestions in your every BTS gig and expect more clients drawing to your end.